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UPDATE 12/12/13: The claims process has nearly concluded for our pawn and consignment customers. Most have reached final settlements with the insurance adjuster for their pawn or consignment items. Letters were sent by the insurance company to everyone we had a record of. They set a deadline to file a claim. The claims process is now closed for those who had pawns and consignments at the time of the fire (according to the information we have from the insurance adjuster). The remaining claims in process that were initiated before the insurance company’s deadline will be completed. We are reopen at 102 W. Idaho Avenue next to Fisher’s bar and across from the used car lots. We have been reopened since mid June, 2013 and we thank all our customers for doing business with us once again.

UPDATE 5/12/13: The latest from the insurance company: we are turning in all the pawn tickets to the local adjuster, he will be contacting each pawn customer and setting up a meeting with each party to resolve the claim. I know we’ve met with many of you already and taken notes and verified pawn tickets, etc, unfortunately, the process has changed course a couple of times as pawn claims are not a norm for the insurance company and they’ve had to figure out how to handle this part of the claim’s process on the fly. If you have met with us, contacted us (and received a response), or we have contacted you, then your pawn ticket is included in the packet sent to the local adjuster. If we have not communicated with you, then please call our Homedale store at 208-337-3030 and speak with Cassandra and she will look up your info and print out a ticket to give to the claim’s adjuster.

The flow of information has been confusing as there has been a lot of conflicting information out there. From what we know today, all investigations have been completed and the insurance companies of both the landlord who owns the building and our insurance company (separately) are processing the claim.

We have secured a lease at a new location at 102 Idaho Street where the old video store used to be. We have hired a new manager, Eric Lysiak, to manage our Homedale location. Eric’s wife Cassandra will be working at the Homedale location as well. The Lysiak’s live in Homedale and have family there. The new location should be re-opened by June 1st (if all goes well).

Thank you again to all our Homedale customers. We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you again in the near future.

UPDATE: 3/25/13: We just received a call from the editor of the Owyhee Avalanche and had a professional discussion and cleared up some issues. We have agreed to edit the Updates below to reflect the spirit of that conversation regarding a phone call we received from the Owyhee Avalanche’s reporter on Friday.

UPDATE: 3/25/13: We just spoke with the State Fire Marshal. Our initial reporting on what we were told by Homedale Police and our Insurance Company is correct. The State Fire Marshal said that it was most likely an accidental fire, that the fire most likely started above the ceiling line in some old wiring and their investigation has concluded.  The State Fire Marshal went on to say that they are not in charge of the scene and that they had spoken with Insurance Investigators who had concluded the fire was accidental. Those are the facts we have as of today. The scene has recently been released by the local police and now very recently by the insurance company. Now that we have confirmation from the State Fire Marshal that the State has concluded their investigation, we will go on scene and try to make sense of this mess and we are actively working on the claims process to recover what we can for our Pawn and Consignment customers.

UPDATE: 3/22/13: This update has been removed at the request of the Owyhee Avalanche.

This page is dedicated to the catastrophic fire we experienced at our Homedale, Idaho location.

Here is the latest news we have:

According to the Homedale Police: The State Fire Marshal finished his investigation and has ruled the fire as accidental. The Homedale Police Chief has recently released the scene and we just got notice recently by phone and now in writing (as of today) that the Insurance Company has concluded their investigation and released the scene as well. The final ruling is that there was no evidence of break in or arson.

We are working on the claims process and now that we have full access to the scene, we will be neck deep in the claims process during the coming weeks.

We have printed out all the Pawns we have on file from the online database and are beginning to log those into the claims process.

If you have a Pawn with us or an item that was on Consignment, please send us your name, phone number and list of items for us to check against our database/records. You can email us at alex at patriotpawnandgun dot com or you can leave a comment on this article (we won’t post your details, we will review the info privately).

The process will work like this: Insurance will pay us “replacement cost” on your item, assuming you pay off the loan terms stipulated in your Pawn agreement with us. “Replacement cost” should be higher than your amount due to pay off your loan. We will show you the “replacement cost” and deduct what is owed to satisfy your Pawn agreement with us, and you will be issued the difference, once the Insurance Company pays on the claims. That is the current plan of action and subject to change pending the Insurance Company’s approval of this strategy to remedy the Pawn items.

Consignors: Your process is a bit more straightforward. We will receive “replacement cost” for your items and when the Insurance Company pays the claims, we will issue you the proceeds for the items they approve and pay on.

We appreciate your patience and we thank you for your business. Homedale was a successful location for us, thanks to all of you, and we are disappointed at the loss. We are entertaining the option of re-opening (since we believe now that someone didn’t rob us and burn us out) and will make that final determination once the claims process is completed.

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  1. It is a day to Thank God that no one was harmed in the fire happening .
    Familiar Regards From :

    Open Heart Ministry { Under Construction }

    Step – Up Towing and Scrap Metals
    and ,

    Elder Martin’s Prayer for the Only

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