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We want to be your source for Firearm Transfers / Gun Transfers.

We have stores in Meridian, Star and Homedale and will send or receive a Firearm for $20 (you are responsible for the shipping cost on outgoing gun transfers).

Here’s how the process works: If you are ordering a gun / firearm on the internet, our FFL (Federal Firearm’s License) information may already be registered with the site or online store. If not, please contact us via phone or email and give us the contact information for the FFL or individual you are receiving the Firearm from. We will send a file copy of our FFL via fax or email for their records. Ask them to include a file copy of their FFL with your order and please ask them to include your name and phone number so we know who to contact when the gun / firearm arrives. If the person you are receiving the gun / firearm from is an individual, please make sure they include a copy of their government issued photo identification (current, not expired) with their current physical address (that must be on the government issued identification).

For outgoing FFL Transfers, please give us the contact information of the FFL Dealer you are sending the gun / firearm to. We will require them to send us a file copy of their FFL (which will include their ship to address) and we will include a file copy of our FFL in the shipment to them. We only transfer / ship to FFL Dealers. We require you to pay the shipping on the outgoing transfer and we offer packaging service to box up your item properly. You will save an expense by having your gun / firearm packaged for shipping yourself (but open, unsealed, so we can inspect the serial number).

If you are receiving a gun /firearm and using us for the Transfer, you will have to go through the normal Transfer process to legally receive the gun /firearm. You will be required to fill out a Form 4473 and present a government issued picture identification with your current address on it. If your identification doesn’t have your current physical address, you will be required to submit a secondary form of government issued document that includes your current physical address. The most popular secondary forms of identification are a state issued vehicle registration or Idaho Fish and Game license.

If you have a current Idaho Concealed Weapon’s License, you are not required to be called into the FBI NICS background check and once you complete the Form 4473 properly, you can leave with your gun / firearm.

For those who don’t have the Idaho CWL, we are required to call into the FBI NICS offices and within a few minutes they will either allow the transaction to proceed, they will delay it or they will deny the Transfer. A vast majority of the time, if the paperwork is in order and your background is clear, the Transfer process is smooth and takes about 10 minutes total.


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  4 Responses to “Gun / Firearm Transfers in Meridian, Star, Homedale and Boise / Treasure Valley area only $20”

  1. I need to do an FFL transfer for a firearm I’m trying to purchase online.

    Do I need to fill out Form 4473 and do the background check in advance?

    I live in Boise, ID…I’m purchasing the firearm through the URL listed above.

    The email ID for the Quality Arms agent that is requesting the address for the FFL transfer is as follows: jeremy@qualityarms.net

    Please let me know what I need to do to expidite this? Thx

    • Hi Paul, no, you do not need to fill out the form 4473 and enter the NICS background check process or provide a valid Idaho Concealed Weapon’s License until the firearm/rifle/gun arrives at your FFL dealer in your area. The process works like this: The FFL dealer of the seller will require a file copy of the FFL dealer of the buyer/recipient. Once they receive the FFL file copy, they will ship the gun to the buyer’s FFl dealer with a file copy of their FFL license. Once the firearm is received by the buyer’s/recipient’s FFL dealer, the buyer/recipient comes down to their local FFL dealer and fills out the form 4473 at that time and presents the required identification and/or CWL license etc.

      Unlike Voting in battleground states, you are required to present valid identification to buy a firearm from an FFL Dealer.

  2. Good day. I would like to order a 10 ar lowers from a company. Do you charge per lower or per form? Thanks Allen

  3. I have a firearm that I need to be shipped to an FFL, I have an Idaho Enhanced conceal carry license. How would I need to proceed to use Patriot Pawn to have the firearm shipped to me?

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