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We want to be your source for Firearm Transfers / Gun Transfers.

Patriot Pawn & Gun LLC is located in Star, Idaho and we will receive your Incoming Firearm Transfer / Gun Transfer for $25 per Firearm Received.

For Outgoing/Sending Transfers the price is higher. We will quote you a price based on the Receiving FFL Dealer’s zip code, weight and size of Firearm, labor and materials for packaging and shipping cost.


Here’s how the process works: If you are ordering a gun / firearm on the internet, our FFL (Federal Firearm’s License) information may already be registered with the particular gun retailer’s or gun auction’s website or online store. If not, please contact us via phone or email and give us the contact information for the FFL Licensed Gun Dealer you are purchasing and receiving the Firearm from, their email address, your name and phone number and your order number. We will send a File Copy of our FFL License via email directly to the sending FFL Dealer. We will remind them to include a File Copy of their FFL License in the shipment of your order and we will ask them to include your name and phone number so we know who to contact when the gun / firearm arrives.

For Outgoing FFL Transfers, please give us the contact information of the FFL Dealer you are requesting us to send the gun / firearm to, as well as the intended Transferee. We will require the Receiving FFL Dealer to send us a File Copy of their FFL License (which will include their ship to address) and we will include a File Copy of our FFL License in the shipment to them. We only transfer / ship to FFL Licensed Dealers. Please contact us first to receive a quote for your outgoing/sending transfer. Cost factors include the zip code of the receiving FFL Dealer, the size and weight of the shipment and the labor and materials of the packaging required. Typically, Outgoing/sending transfers of a Handgun range from $70.00 to $75.00 per Hand Gun, including paperwork processing, labor and materials for packaging, delivery to shipper and shipping. Typically, Outgoing/sending transfers of Long Guns (Rifles and Shotguns) range from $105.00 to $135.00 including paperwork processing, labor and materials for packaging, delivery to shipper and shipping. Again, please contact us for a custom quote as prices on Outgoing/sending Transfers do vary.

If you are purchasing a Firearm from an Online FFL Licensed Dealer and/or are receiving a Firearm from an FFL Licensed Dealer and you want to use Patriot Pawn & Gun LLC to receive your Firearm / Gun Transfer, you will have to go through the normal legal Transfer process to receive the gun /firearm. When the Firearm arrives and you come to pick it up at our store, you will be required to fill out a Form 4473 and present a current government issued picture/photo identification with your name and current Idaho address on it. If your state issued identification or driver’s license does not have your current Idaho physical address, you will be required to submit a secondary form of government issued document that includes your name and current Idaho physical address. The most popular secondary forms of identification that the Government accepts are a State issued Idaho Vehicle Registration or Idaho Fish and Game license.

If you have a current Idaho Concealed Weapon’s License, you are not required to be called into the FBI NICS Background Check System. The information from your valid Idaho Concealed Weapon’s license is recorded on the form 4473 and assuming you have satisfied the Government issued photo/ID and Idaho Proof of Address requirements, you can receive Transfer of your Firearm.

For those who don’t have the Idaho CWL, we are required to call your name and your information into the FBI NICS Background Check System. Within an average of 15-20 minutes, upon completion of the FBI NICS Background Check process, after relaying all the information to the Government that is collected and recorded on your completed Form 4473, the Government will provide your NTN NICS Transaction Number and a result of your FBI NICS Background Check as either a Proceed, Delayed or Denied. If you get a Proceed status, you may receive your Firearm Transfer and leave with your Firearm / Gun. If you get a Delayed Status, the Government provides you with a Brady Date which is a 5 day hold from the date of your FBI NICS call-in. The Brady Law does not prohibit the Transfer of your Firearm once your Brady Date is reached, and the Government may call back with a Proceed before the Brady Date has been achieved. If you receive a Denied Status, the Transfer is halted and does not proceed. If you believe your Denial to be a false positive and a mistake, we provide you with information on the process to Appeal your Denial. Denials are very rare, because if you know you are prohibited from possessing a firearm and you attempt to receive a firearm, you can face serious criminal charges.

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