Patriot Pawn & Gun LLC is a multi-member Idaho LLC, Federal Firearm’s License holder and licensed Pawnbroker.

We are located in Star, Idaho…a quaint suburb just west of Boise.

Contact information:

Phone (208) 286-7300


See the Location and Directions page for a map to the store.

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  10 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Do you have a Tueller holster in your Meridian store for a Glock 27?

  2. Would i be able to traid my 30-6(Remington) for a ar-15? Or maybe use it as credit twords one?

    • We do take trade-ins all the time. We’d need to evaluate your gun and we’d give you a trade-in amount on the spot. Thanks for asking.

  3. Looking for ABS (plastic plumbing pipe) cutters. Normal size can cut up to 4″ pipe. Please let me know if any of your stores have any. thank you!

  4. Do you have any 12-string acoustic guitars? looking for a screaming deal, if you do could you email me what you have and how much your asking and which store has the guitar.

    Thanks I am making a trip to Boise next weekend and thought I would give you a shot before going new..

    Thanks Warren

    • None right now, just 6 string. Thanks for checking with us though, much appreciated!

    • Just had a 12 string acoustic electric guitar come out of pawn. It’s an Alvarez. Really nice guitar with a Gator hard case, super clean. $599.

  5. I have a firearm that I need to be shipped to an FFL, I have an Idaho Enhanced conceal carry license. How would I need to proceed to use Patriot Pawn to have the firearm shipped to me?

  6. Am trying to buy your llama pistol box on ebay, but am having nine kinds of hell getting bid in. Have bought lots of stuff on sight before so I don”t know what is going wrong . Can I just buy it? JG

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