Hunting in Idaho

Hunting in Idaho

If you are interested in hunting in Idaho, the key webpage to visit is:

Idaho Fish and Game

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Hunting in Nearby States

If you are interested in hunting in nearby states, check out these websites. Most links take you either to that state’s fish and game home page, or to their main page on hunting. From there you can find information on non-resident hunting licenses.

Alaska Department of Fish and Game

California Department of Fish and Wildlife

Colorado Parks and Wildlife

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks

Nevada Department of Wildlife

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife

Utah Division of Wildlife Resources

Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife

Wyoming Game and Fish Department

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Hunting in Canada

Information on U.S. hunters in Canada to be added.

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Legislative Statutes on Hunting in Idaho

The substance of Idaho Fish and Game laws is given below. See the Patriot Pawn & Gun Idaho Firearm Rights Center page 06 Legislative Statutes: Idaho Code Ann. for other topics on firearm rights and regulations.

Title 36: Fish and Game Chapter 15: Public Safety

Idaho Code Ann. § 36-1501 – Revocation of license for improper handling of a weapon. [Describes specific situations which could lead to the Director of Idaho Department of Fish and Game revoking someone’s hunting license. The key provisions of Subsections (a), (b), and (c) revolve around an accident and injury to a person, property, or livestock by use of a weapon. Subsection (d) involves where there is a case of injury or death of another person by use of a weapon, and includes fleeing or failure to render assistance. Subsection (e) involves not meeting expenses or being released from liability to cover “ambulance, hospital, medical, funeral bills, and other related expense, from the injured person, or his heirs in case of death.” Subsection (f) involves not being released from liability for damages caused to livestock by use of a weapon.

Idaho Code Ann. § 36-1502 – Preferring charges for improper handling of a weapon – hearing – procedure. [Describes the legal process for filing charges against a person with either an Idaho or out-of-state hunting license, the requirements to appear for person so charged, and penalties for failure to appear without submitting satisfactory reasons.]

Idaho Code Ann. § 36-1503 – Period of revocation. [If the Director of Fish and Game finds there has been a violation, revocation of license is required. The penalty is denial to hunt in Idaho for up to five years for a first violation, and five years for each additional offense.]

Idaho Code Ann. § 36-1504 – Court revocation. [Any court with jurisdiction involving cases with violations of this public safety act can revoke a hunter’s license and deny the opportunity to hunt in Idaho for periods indicated in other Sections of this Chapter. Also describes the process for certified notice of revocation.]

Idaho Code Ann. § 36-1505 – Surrender of license. [Describes the process of notification by the Director of Fish and Game when a license has been revoked and must be surrendered.]

Idaho Code Ann. § 36-1507 – Appeal from order of revocation. [Describes the process required for a person whose license has been revoked to file an appeal against the Director of Fish and Game, and the subsequent civil case procedures used.]

Idaho Code Ann. § 36-1508 – Shooting from public highway – children in possession of firearms. [Subsection (a) deals with shooting from a public highway. It states that: “No person shall … discharge any firearm from or across a public highway.” Subsection (b) deals with Children with Firearms: “No person under the age of ten (10) years shall have in his possession any shotgun, rifle or other firearm while in the fields or forests or in any tent, camp, auto or any other vehicle in the state of Idaho, except that the holder of a valid hunting license or a participant in a mentored hunting program as prescribed by rules of the commission, if accompanied by an adult licensed to hunt in the state of Idaho, may possess a firearm for hunting while in the fields or forests.”]

Idaho Code Ann. § 36-1510 – Interference with hunting, fishing, trapping or wildlife control. [Section (1) overs intentional actions designed to interfere with legal taking or control of fish or wildlife, damage or destruction of a hunting blind, or use of various forms of harassment toward individuals engaged in lawful taking or control of fish or game. Section (3) notes that this Statute “does not include any incidental interference arising from lawful activity by land users or interference by a landowner or members of his immediate family arising from activities on his own property.” Sections (2), (4), and (5) address arrest, penalties and punishment, and potential civil damages.]

Idaho Code Ann. § 36-1511 – Revocation of license for taking of animals within boundaries of a national park. [Deals with the Director of Idaho Fish and Game revoking the license of a hunter who violates any related Idaho or federal fish and game laws by taking of animals within the boundaries of a national park.]

For details on national parks, go to the National Park Service website and find the “layer map” for Idaho. On the right-hand navigation bar, “Deselect All” and then select only “National Parks.” Click on the large dots around the Idaho map, and a pop-up screen appears with the name of that National Park or Monument and a link. Click on the link to go to a pop-up summary description of the Park or Monument, and click on the link you find there to go to the full page on that site.

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