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About “PPG Idaho Firearm Rights” Resource Center

The purposes of our “PPG Idaho Firearms Rights” [IFR, for short] Resource Center are to promote:

  • Informed gun ownership in Idaho, including all rights and regulations.
  • Firearm safety practices.
  • Maintenance of our Second Amendment rights “to keep and bear arms.”

We began this Resource Center in 2013, and expect this section of our Patriot Pawn & Gun website to grow. We’re on the lookout for new information about our firearm rights as Idaho citizens, and important resources for gun owners and advocates. Watch for update notices …

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Research/Resource Sections

Under the main page, we will have sections on the following topics:

  1. Idaho State Firearm Rights and Regs – a comprehensive guide to relevant Idaho laws (Constitutional Rights, Executive Orders, Administrative Rules, and Legislative Statutes).
  2. Second Amendment Rights – an overview of federal firearm issues and maintaining our right to keep and bear arms.
  3. Social and Statistical Research – key academic research findings in as close to everyday language as we can manage, plus suggestions for constructive solutions besides gun control.
  4. Recommended Resources – a listing of key items for the informed gun owner.

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Links to Wikipedia

For some issues, we refer our readers to Wikipedia. Why? Because – when it comes to U.S. gun laws – Wikipedia tends to:

  • Be comprehensive in presenting overview articles about both state and federal laws, and individual articles on specific laws or topics.
  • Provide links to specific locations for the original sources so you can do your own in-depth research.
  • Be updated regularly by people in the field who care that the information is timely and accurate.

You may find Wikipedia especially helpful if you need to know state-by-state differences for such issues as hunting, concealed weapons laws, and interstate “peaceable journeying” rights.

A potential problem at this point (2013) is that Wikipedia does not have an all-in-one comparison table or side-by-side chart so you can see state-by-state differences at a glance.

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Notices and Disclaimers

The writers/producers of the Patriot Pawn and Gun Resource Center have sought to find relevant and current sources about firearms for Idaho citizens and our state’s guests. We have also tried to be as complete and as accurate as possible. If you find something we have missed, or a mistake, please let us know by using the comment form.

Also, please note that often add boldface and occasionally add underlining to draw attention to what we see as key information, for those who are skimming.

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Copyright Notices

We have sought to be careful in noting the original sources we draw material from, to attribute all direct quotes, and to use only what is considered within “fair use” so as not to infringe on other authors’ copyrights. Other than that, the written material and organizational format are of our own making.

Copyright © 2013 Patriot Pawn & Gun.

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