05 Idaho Admin. Code Rules


According to the Administrative Rules home page, the Idaho Administrative Code is “A compilation of all legally-promulgated administrative rules that are currently in effect and fully enforceable.” These govern the internal procedures for Idaho state government departments and divisions. There are currently two Idaho agencies with Rules related to firearms:

  • Department of Health and Welfare.
  • Division of Veteran Services.

ADMINISTRATIVE CODE RULES RESEARCH. A downloadable PDF document is available for each department or division, and it contains that unit’s specific code rules for the current year. There is also an Archive section on the Idaho Administrative Code home page, if you want to do historical research.

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Department of Health and Welfare [Link]

16.03.09, Medicaid Basic Plan Benefits. See – No firearms are allowed in mental health clinics.

16.06.02, Standards for Child Care Licensing:

  • – Firearms and Ammunition. Firearms at a foster home shall be stored with (01) Trigger Locks, (02) Unassembled and Inoperable, (03) Locked Cabinet or Container, or (04) Locked in a Gun Safe.
  • – Firearms. Firearms are not allowed in a children’s residential care facility.
  • – Firearms. Firearms are not allowed in children’s therapeutic outdoor programs.

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Division of Veterans Services [Link]

21.01.01, Rules Governing Admission, Residency, and Maintenance Charges in Idaho State Veterans Homes and Division of Veterans Services Administrative Procedure.

  • – Weapons. “Weapons including, but not limited to, firearms, ammunition, straight razors, and knives are not allowed” in Veterans Homes.

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