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In doing background research for the PPG Idaho Firearm Rights Center, we found many lists, checklists, and summaries of Idaho laws. The problem was, none of them was really comprehensive – there was no one-stop-shop where you could find it all … at least, not organized in a more accessible way than just the complete official texts full of legal jargon. For instance, maybe one list had most of the laws related to hunting, but didn’t cover out-of-state hunters visiting Idaho, or Idaho hunters going elsewhere. Another might have had a complete list of restrictions to carrying concealed weapons, but no links to the source laws so you could check that the list was current.

And so, we sought to create a set of webpages that would be as comprehensive as we could find, both listing the laws and then reorganizing them according to what we expected to be sought-after topic categories. We hope you will find both approaches useful in their own ways for whatever your research purposes are.

What is written here involves a lot of selecting and summarizing, paraphrasing and emphasizing. We’ve done this to make legal research as convenient as possible. These resources are informational only – they are not meant to be taken as fully accurate legal interpretation, or to provide you with legal advice. Check the links to get the full legal text of Idaho gun rights and restrictions, or consult a lawyer.

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Pages in this Section on Rights and Regulations

Here are the titles and links for the set of pages that give a comprehensive overview and topic indexing for all sources of Idaho state rights, orders, rules, and statutes regarding firearms.

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